Treatment for Strokes

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What is a stroke?

The NHS website describes a stroke as – “A serious life-threatening medical condition that happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.” Each stroke causes unique complications related to the area of the brain affected. This may include loss of specific movements, perception, balance and weakness. Along with associated problems such as tight muscles and pain. Specialist physiotherapy as treatment for strokes can lead to improvement in all of these areas.

What is the treatment for stroke physiotherapy?

Stroke physiotherapy is a specialist type of physiotherapy treatment where the goal is to maximise recovery. The physiotherapist will analyse the impact that the stroke has had on the individual. This helps understand what their goals are for recovery and increasing independence. We will then devise and implement a personalised treatment plan.

Movement, flexibility, strength and balance

Common themes of treatment are: gaining sufficient range of movements in joints, improving the flexibility and strength of muscles. Gaining better balance, improving postural stability and increasing the sensory awareness of the affected body parts. This is done through hands-on treatment and the development of a personal plan for you to follow at home between treatment sessions.

During treatment, the physiotherapist’s skilled assistance allows the patient’s central nervous system to experience more normal posture and efficient movement. As a result this promotes positive neuroplasticity or ‘re-wiring’ of the brain where connections are built and ‘circuits’ are re-modelled to promote recovery.

How long after a stroke should physio continue?

Progress is usually most rapid in the first few weeks and months following a stroke. If possible, this is an important time to optimise rehabilitation input. As time goes on, the capacity for improvement slows down. However we have seen many people who have made more progress than they ever imagined possible. Even years after a stroke, following treatment at Leeds Bradford Neurophysiotherapy.

Our physios skilfully deliver treatment and support for best possible recovery after strokes, taking into account how long ago the stroke took place. Individual treatment programmes supplemented by professional information, advice, support and encouragement are incredibly valuable whether started weeks, months or even years after a stroke.

Treatment for strokes at Leeds Bradford Neuro Physio

Half of the adults with neurological problems we treat at the practice see us to help them make the best possile recovery after a stroke.

Everyone who has had a stroke requires a bespoke treatment plan. Therefore, to develop the plan our specialist physiotherapists analyse the individual’s stroke and the impact it has had on different areas of their functionality. Also using their expert knowledge of the central nervous system devise treatments which improves function to help each individual reach their goals.

Hands on therapy

Our physios are passionate about the delivery of ‘hands-on’ therapy when dealing with treatments for strokes. This approach is a major influence in enabling people to achieve their potential. Which in turn will help return to improved activity and independence.

Treatment sessions at Leeds Bradford Neurophysiotherapy are active a major contribution to the significant change we expect to see at each session.

Physiotherapy treatment can also be provided at your home. This can include training for the people who assist the patient, which can often enhance a person’s rehabilitation potential.

NHS and private stroke Physiotherapy

In the UK, only half the people on discharge from hospital after a stroke are assessed for suitable therapies and have agreed goals for rehabilitation. As the National Stroke guidelines recommend. Sadly, many people only receive therapy for a short time.

The National Stroke Guidlines recomend that on discharge from hospital following a stroke there should be an assessment for suitable therapies and agreed goals for rehabilitation.

Some are unaware that they can ‘self-refer’ and do not need to be referred by a GP/Consultant for private Physiotherapy.


Leeds Bradford Neurophysiotherapy regularly provides treatment for people who have had stroke in the following instances:

  • NHS courses of Physiotherapy treatment have finished
  • Whilst a patient is on the NHS waiting list
  • Infrequent NHS sessions are enhanced through supplementary sessions. In such instances, we coordinate treatment with the NHS therapists.

Patients can self-refer to Leeds Bradford Neurophysiotherapy and we offer free initial telephone consultation. Working with you we provide hands on treatment tailored to your individual needs. Talk to a physiotherapist today about how we can help you accelerate your recovery.

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