Pilates for Neurological Conditions

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise which promotes central core strength. The core is challenged through the addition of movement through the arms, legs and using small equipment such as balls and resistance bands. Pilates has many benefits such as improving:


  • Posture
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Stress reduction

How does Neuro Pilates differ from Pilates?
In Neuro Pilates, the traditional exercises have been adapted to make Pilates accessible and beneficial for
people with a range of neurological conditions (including Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, MS and others).

The Pilates group class is led by a Specialist Neurophysiotherapist with additional training in clinical Pilates. Class sizes are kept small with a maximum of 6 people. Exercises are completed in either standing, sitting or on the mat, and will be tailored to meet your individual ability.

If you are considering Pilates, please get in contact and we’ll book you in for a 1:1 assessment. The assessment enables the leading physiotherapist to gauge your abilities and teach you the Pilates fundamentals. It is also an opportunity to ask any question and discover if Pilates is a form of exercise that could be appropriate for you.

1:1 Initial Assessment £45 (must be completed prior to attending first class)
£15 per class (45 min class, including warm-up and cool-down). Please arrive 5 mins before start of class

Where & When?
Nicole Lavin Neuro Rehab Clinic in Rawdon: Mondays 10:30am
Trinity Methodist Church (Trinity Rd., Harrogate HG2 9AU): Beginners level Thursdays 09:30am (starting 26th Jan 2023)

A small number of free car park spaces are available at front of Trinity Methodist church, otherwise there is free on-street parking

What do I need?
Comfortable clothing where you can move easily, and a bottle of water. You will be asked to take your shoes off at the start of class

0113 250 8833 or email us on practice@leedsneurophysiotherapy.co.uk

For more information we will be happy to talk to you.
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