The therapists at Leeds Bradford Neurophysiotherapy are passionate about providing the best possible treatment for every client they see. Treatment guided by science, aimed at what the client wants to achieve.

Treatment starts with assessment: gathering information about different aspects of the individual’s condition and general situation. A few elements of that assessment are considered:
• The different systems of the central nervous system that are affected by the stroke
• The problems that have resulted as a secondary effect of the stroke, for example, reduced range of movement and stiffness of muscles and joints because of muscle shortening that occurs over time
• The cardiovascular & general fitness of the individual.

Having gathered this evidence in the assessment, the next stage is to generate a hypothesis to decide what areas to focus treatment on to gain the maximum benefit and progress. Then a plan is made on how specifically to deliver that treatment. That is only the start. As treatment progresses assessment continues- moment to moment. Is the response to treatment as positive as expected?
• If yes, then what is the next element of treatment to progress to?
• if no, then how to adapt treatment, or change direction to get the best possible effect –
and this process may have happened within the first minute of treatment!

There is also the art of physiotherapy, the creative ability of being able to speculate and use innovative elements of treatment, often involving skilful touch absolutely based within the science, but also novel to deliver what works best for the individual client.

Patients may say we have ‘magic hands’, but years of studying the science and developing our skills, and analysis …

Jill Fisher

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