Following a stroke, Physiothertherapy is a major factor to help people achieve their greatest potential and return to function. The brain’s ability to ‘re-wire’ itself, known as neuroplasticity, means it is possible to continue to improve months and even years following a stroke. It is a skilled Neurophysiotherapist who can provide specific individualised treatment to drive that process forwards. To promote a positive change, an important part of this process is to follow a carefully designed home programme which include tips on how to improve the ability to perform routine daily activities, exercises, and good management of posture.

Treatment of stroke and other neurological conditions is a specialist area and at Leeds Bradford Neurophysiotherapy the therapists are all passionate about the delivery of skilled hands-on neurological physiotherapy; this approach allows the patients Central Nervous System to experience more normal posture and movement which drives the neuroplasticity/re-wire. Sessions are often active and during each session it’s expected that a significant change is seen, it is then important to practice these skills, helping to establish the correct movement to the brain – Brain Training.

In the UK only half the stroke survivors on discharge from hospital are being assessed for suitable therapies with agreed goals for their rehabilitation, as is recommended by National Stroke Guidelines (2016). Sadly, many people only receive therapy for a short time, and some are unaware that they do not need to be referred by a GP or Consultant for private Physiotherapy.

“Stroke survivors can live fulfilling lives with the correct help and advice. The aim is to provide the best possible treatment and advice for patients and their families; keeping people mobile, active and as independent as possible”

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