We are excited to be starting a specialised Neuro-Pilates class for people affected by neurological conditions.

The class will be for an hour and run for 5 weeks initially. It will be led by physiotherapists who have trained with the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and attended the specialist neuro-Pilates course.

The APPI Pilates method has been developed by physiotherapists specifically for use in the rehabilitation setting from the original Joseph Pilates Exercises. It can be modified and applied to complement neurological physiotherapy.

To participate in a class, you will first need a 1:1 assessment to optimise your experience and, prior to this, we can discuss whether the class setting will be right for you.

The Neuro-Pilates classes will be starting on Monday Nov 21 st at 10.30am and will take place in our clinic space at:
6 Over lane, Rawdon…….

The dates for the next 5-week course are:

Monday 21 st Nov 10.30am
Monday 28 th Nov 10.30am
Monday 5 th Dec 10.30am
Monday 12 th Dec 10.30am
Monday 19 th Dec 10.30am

If you are interested in joining the class or would like further information please give us a call on:

0113 250 8833 or email us on practice@leedsneurophysiotherapy.co.uk

Please Call us to book an appointment at the practice
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