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    For clinic appointments our address is:
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    Our team are happy to visit you in your residential setting or work environment, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements

    0113 250 8833

    6 Over lane, Rawdon Leeds LS19 6DY

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    Specialist Treatment For


    Find out from Our expert physios the best treatments for strokes…
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    Multiple Sclerosis

    MS is a neurological condition that affects your brain and spinal cord…
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    Parkinsons Disease

    Assess how Parkinson’s is affecting your movement and function…
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    Information for this page is currently under development…
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    Spinal Injuries

    Spinal cord injuries can be the result of trauma, damage, disease or surgery…
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    Brain Injuries

    The symptoms of brain injuries are wide-ranging leading to muscle imbalance…
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    Information for this page is currently under development…
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    Hydrotherapy-aquatic therapy can help you in a number of different ways…
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    Cerebral Palsy

    A ‘permanent but not unchanging’ damage to the developing brain.
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    Muscular dystrophy

    A term used for a range of muscle-wasting conditions affecting children.
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    Dyspraxia is a condition affecting physical co-ordination…
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    Childrens Physio

    Specialist assessment, treatment and advice for children and young people…
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    Functional Neurological Disorders

    Information for this page is currently under development…
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    Balance & Movement Disorders

    Many people respond extremely well to vestibular and balance rehabilitation…
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    Motor Neurone Disease

    Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a rare neurological condition that causes the deterioration…
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    Dystonia is an involuntary muscle contraction that causes awkward, often painful postures…
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    Palliatve Care

    Working with people with severe, complex disability and those at a palliative care stage…
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    Elderly Mobility

    Help with problems in maintaining activity, independence, cardiovascular fitness and help reduce trips and falls
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    General Deconditioning

    Information for this page is currently under development. please get in touch for more information…
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    Covid-19 Rehabilitation

    Physiotherapy helps people to achieve the best recovery possible post coronavirus infection….
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    Our Clinic

    Our friendly team look forward to welcoming you to our clinic where your family member/carer is welcome to accompany you to your appointment.

    What we can offer you

    Our highly trained, specialist physiotherapists can act as your primary provider of physiotherapy services whilst you wait for NHS input or we can work alongside the NHS therapy teams. You can self-refer to us and do not require a GP referral.

    You may have been discharged from NHS teams and may want further input, a review or advice on ongoing management programmes and all of our staff would be happy to offer a holistic assessment and discuss all treatment options with you.

    Assessment and treatment can be at our friendly clinic in Rawdon, Leeds, in your own home, Nursing home or residential setting or school. Please contact the clinic to discuss the most appropriate assessment/treatment options.

    Fees are calculated on treatment time, travel and report writing. All fees will be discussed prior to an appointment. We work with major insurance companies as well as some of the more local groups such as Simply Health and can discuss how this works with you at your enquiry.

    Our staff are also experienced working with Case Managers and medico-legal referrals. Appointment times and duration will be discussed at the time of booking and all
    information is treated in the strictest confidence with all staff at Nicole Lavin Neurorehab Ltd adhering to the GDPR Guidance.

    We're Moving!

    From Monday 5th February 2024 our new location:

    Nicole Lavin Neurorehab Ltd
    Ground Floor
    Unit 3
    Rawdon Business Park
    Off Green Lane
    LS19 7BA

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