COVID-19 Update

Leeds Bradford Neurophysiotherapy are pleased to announce that we can now offer more routine face to face sessions again under the Government’s ‘new normal’ advice both at the practice and at home.

Our priority is to ensure we provide effective Physiotherapy treatment for our clients, whilst keeping them, their families/carers, and our Physios safe. Consequently, we have implemented robust procedures to ensure that risks are as low as possible, these include strict infection control measures including the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) and adherence to the Government guidelines. We will see people face to face if we feel it is clinically appropriate and where a remote session would not be as effective.

Remote video sessions during the Covid pandemic have been very successful and we will therefore continue to provide these moving forwards. To participate you will require an internet enabled device. Your therapist will send a secure link to you prior to the scheduled appointment for you to ‘meet’ with your physiotherapist.


What we are doing to keep everyone safe

  • Admission to the practice is by appointment only.
  • Regular hand washing or hand sanitizing procedures are in place.
  • We will always wear the appropriate PPE and respectfully ask all patients and companions wear face coverings, although this is no compulsory.
  • We are restricting the number of people in the practice at any one time and will follow a strict cleansing regime in-between appointments.
  • We will currently only treat those who feel they would benefit from face to face treatment and we will still offer virtual sessions as appropriate.
  • We will provide visits to care homes where possible whilst adhering to the Government and Public Health England guidelines. We are monitoring the situation and will contact each care home individually as appropriate.

The ‘New Normal’

As the deputy health advisor recently stated, “part of the dangers from the Covid situation are related to people becoming too isolated” – part of the advantage of a physio session is to help you be confident again, engage with more people and review your rehab treatment plan.

We understand that you may have concerns about this, so we have detailed what we are doing to ensure you, your family and carers, as well as our staff are kept safe.

We have robust measures to ensure that risks are as low as possible, implementing several infection control and social distancing measures within the practice and when working in the people’s homes/care homes. A risk assessment will be carried out with your physio over the phone to establish if a face to face session is appropriate for you at this time.

The next step.

  • Before attending your appointment, you will be required to complete a COVID 19 screening questionnaire about your health and that you consent to face to face treatment. You will be asked these questions again on arrival. Your temperature may be taken using a non-touch thermometer.
  • Please do not attend if you feel unwell or have possible covid-19 symptoms: Cough, high temperature, loss of smell or taste.
  • Where people are vulnerable, we are unable to offer treatment at the practice if you have to use public transport to get to us. To be discussed with your physiotherapist.
  • Please bring your own drinks.
  • Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your appointment. Your physio will open the door for you and take you to the treatment room, the waiting room should not be used where possible.
  • We ask that if you cannot come alone that your companion only enters the practice if they are needed to contribute to your treatment.
  • On entering and exiting the practice you will be required to hand sanitize, we also request you wear a face covering on arrival and during your treatment (where possible), these can be provided if needed. (This is not compulsory)
  • Your physiotherapist will be wearing PPE of gowns, face shield, gloves and face mask during your treatment, they will wash their hands before and after your treatment. If the treatment is at your home the Physio may ask you to destroy her PPE, the bag containing the PPE should be placed in your outside bin after 72 hours.
  • A maximum of 3 Physiotherapists will be treating patients in the practice at any one time, whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  • Treatment times will be staggered to allow all treatment areas and bathroom (if used) to be thoroughly cleaned using our robust cleaning regime.
  • Physios will change into a clean uniform in between each patient session.
  • We ask that payment is made by card rather than cash. Or we can arrange monthly invoicing (£1 per session charge)
  • If you develop any Covid-19 symptoms you should order a test immediately at or call 119 if you have no internet access
  • We will continue to offer remote treatment/advice sessions via Video link for those people who would prefer this on a temporarily or ongoing basis if this is clinically appropriate.

We have developed our protocols at the stringent levels of current Government guidance and from the CSP, Physiofirst, Public Health England and NHS England. If you have any questions, any comments or any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information we will be happy to talk to you.
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We look forward to seeing you soon.


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