Nick Simpson | BSc Hons (Podiatry) MChS

Foot care with an HCPC registered Podiatrist is a speciality which aims to tackle problems that would otherwise affect your mobility, independence, or cause you to experience pain and discomfort, which is often unnecessary. Whether it is simple nail care, hard skin, corns, or any of the other issues associated with feet that you experience, the aim is to remove these problems, making you feel better and generally more comfortable. Podiatry is often called Chiropody.

We strongly believe in offering quality, personalised treatment, we are passionate about ensuring that you get the appropriate advice that will help you to take care of your feet. Often, simple suggestions, changes and routines are what make the biggest difference to foot health.

Diabetes is currently one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare system in relation to feet. We firmly believe prevention is better than cure and work with patients to ensure issues do not escalate. Our Podiatrist works to Government guidelines on diabetic assessments, and where appropriate, patients are referred to Allied Health Professionals within the NHS.

Podiatrist Nick Simpson providing footcare at the Leeds Neurophysiotherapy clinic

As we go through life, foot/nail shape and appearance often change and whilst people are often self-conscious about this, it is perfectly normal and something we see every day. Please be assured that whatever the issue, it is probably more common than you think.
By visiting us in this modern, bright, and friendly practice, you can be assured that the excellent facilities will allow us to offer you the best quality of treatment, in a professional specialist environment. Some patients and relatives combine attending physio with a podiatry appointment for their convenience. If it is not possible for you to attend the practice for any reason, we can arrange for a home visit where required.

Nick Simpson – BSc Hons (Podiatry) MChS began his career in 2012, qualifying as a Foot Health Practitioner. His commitment to continuous professional development and clinical excellence led him complete a BSc Hons degree in Podiatry at Huddersfield University to become an HCPC registered Podiatrist. Having worked within the community and health service clinics around North Yorkshire for Harrogate and District Foundation NHS Trust, Nick has knowledge and experience of treating people with complex conditions affecting foot health. These include management of those with diabetes, the elderly. and those with mobility problems.

As well as providing routine foot management care, he has a strong commitment to providing the best possible quality service and preventative advice. Nick strongly believes in taking the time and care to complete thorough assessments and treatment, to detect and prevent potential problems and keep feet healthy.