Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological condition affecting the nerve cells located in the part of the brain called basal ganglia- the area responsible for movement control. Parkinson’s develops as those cells stop working properly and are lost over time- therefore not enough of a chemical called dopamine is produced. Symptoms of Parkinson’s are noticed when the brain cannot produce enough dopamine to control the movement.

Parkinson’s main symptoms include tremor (shaking) usually in the hand or arm, slowness of movement, stiffness of the limbs and trunk(rigidity) as well as impaired balance and coordination. There are many other symptoms and it varies from person to person therefore the treatment and management plan should be tailored to the personal needs.

There is currently no cure for the disease, but the right treatment enables management of the condition and maintains the quality of life.
At Nicole Lavin Neurorehab Ltd, our specialist physios will assess how Parkinson’s is affecting your movement and function. This can be done whether you are newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed for some time.

Why exercise is important

​In the early stages of Parkinson’s, your physio can give you advice, education and support. Helping you to keep up your fitness levels and maintain good posture and movement. Recent evidence suggests high intensity exercise can have a neuro protective effect. With that in mind you may be suitable for our weekly PD classes.

​If you have more severe symptoms, physiotherapy treatment may focus on your walking, transfers, functional tasks, freezing, 24 hour postural management, stiffness and balance to reduce the risk of falls. This will help you to remain as independent and sociable as possible. We find patients often benefit from treatment of pain symptoms that are not directly a result of the Parkinson’s but an avoidable secondary complication.

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Parkinson’s specialist physiotherapist leading advanced exercise class for fitness mobility and to reduce disease progression

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