PD Exercise Programme


Our class is designed specifically for people recently diagnosed or with early /moderate stage Parkinson’s. The class utilises exercises supported by current research evidence to slow down and even reverse the progression of symptoms of Parkinson’s.  PD-specific exercises help you use the brain’s natural ability to protect itself and create more efficient pathways; aiding you to move more freely so you can continue the activities you enjoy doing and be more independent.


Research suggests that exercise is the only way currently known with the potential to slow down the symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s disease. It’s a complete rehab programme designed to improve your function, quality of life and long-term exercise behaviour.


Our weekly exercise to music programme is run by PD warrior accredited Neurophysiotherapist Fiona McKeever (MCSP Grad Dip Phys).


The class draws upon varied exercise approaches to slow down the symptoms of Parkinson’s and help improve balance, coordination, stiffness, strength, speed & amplitude of movement, and confidence.


Here are quotes form people attending the classes:


“I feel like I am taking charge of my condition, I feel less tired and more motivated”.


“The Physiotherapy Course run by Louise has helped me reduce my medication. Despite the Neurologist reducing my therapy, there has been an improvement in my measured reaction times by 25%, he (my neurologist) attributes this to the ongoing Physiotherapy I'm having....”

“For me it has been a great success and has produced a significant improvement in my capabilities”.


“Despite having Parkinsons, I thought I was relatively fit before joining the classes, but I think I may have been fooling myself! They challenge me every week and I always feel I have pushed myself to achieve a lot more than I would on my own. I particularly like the variety on offer (no two weeks are the same) and the encouragement to be the best you can be, whatever level that is for you personally. Louise keeps a very close eye on everyone and ensures we are all getting the most out of each exercise we do without injuring ourselves”


“I enjoy the classes very much and I find them very useful.  I like the mix between familiar, ‘core' exercises and new ones.  I much appreciate: the way in which sessions are well planned in advance, minimising ‘dead’ time; the professional and approachable style of the tutor(s) and the way individual support is provided within the class.  The exercises are extremely well demonstrated”


“The classes are excellent, Louise and Fiona are to be congratulated on providing such an important series of exercises in a positive setting”


‘The introduction comments (at the start of each class) are very helpful, with reminders each week of the key principles’.


Set in a group environment you will meet other people with Parkinsons creating a supportive and encouraging environment. The exercise classes are Challenging – Fun - Stimulating – Motivating – Enjoyable. You will have an initial private assessment with the Neurophysiotherapist to assess and discuss your current symptoms and ensure suitability for the programme. For more information we will be happy to talk to you, call us on 0113 2508833.


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