Heather Angilley

Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist

Post Grad Dip Phys SRP MCSP

Heather Angilley is a leader in the field of Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD/dyspraxia) and a wide range of other neurological conditions affecting children. More….

Heather has over 30 years of experience as a Physiotherapist specialising in paediatrics from the outset, beginning her career in the East End of London and continuing in that area until she moved to Yorkshire in 1992.
Heather has vast experience in acute and community paediatrics, treating children
with neurological and neuromuscular conditions in their earlier development years helping them to achieve their greater potential.

Heather’s other areas of expertise are:
Assessment & treatment of children with developmental delay and Cerebral Palsy, preterm to young adult
Acquired brain injury – treatment and forecast of needs.
Acute chest conditions.
Adapted and specialised sports for disabled children and related equipment.
British Sign Language trained.

In 2014 Heather retired from the NHS and has since been able to concentrate on sharing her expert knowledge and skills overseas to train therapy staff, support staff and parents in various aspects of care and treatment of childhood disability while remaining culturally relevant. Heather is an active member of the special interest group Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (ACPC) and Paediatric Physios in Independent and Private Sector (PPIPS).

Heather is involved in training various aspects of care and treatment of childhood disability, the promotion and training in the use of “Fit to Learn”- an award winning in-school motor skills programme. Heather promotes evidence-based healthcare, and when overseas shares new developments in treatment, promotes Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and teamwork in rural areas. She supports continuous professional development for all staff and assists in the development of sustainable services.

If you would like to contact Heather or simply have question and need advice contact the practice:
Tel: 0113 2508833 or email: 

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