These are just a few comments we have received from our patients


  • “The Parkinson’s exercise group is small, supportive and of reasonable cost. More importantly it currently provides long term help.  Louise tailors the program well to individuals in the group. The planning is extensive, and the treatments are evidence based and effective. For me it has been a great success and has produced a significant improvement in my capabilities”


  • “Leeds Neurophysiotherapy service and the staff are all excellent”


  • “I am really pleased with my progress since the start of my treatment with Louise”


  • “Suzanne is brilliant, totally professional and approachable too. I look forward to my treatment sessions”


  • “All the staff are excellent, they make me feel welcome and have helped me achieve my goals”


  • “Katie is very good at helping me”


  • “Sarah is very helpful, excellent treatment and service”


  • “Thank you all for all your hard work”


  • “Thank you very much Louise for all your advice and support, it is very much appreciated”


  • “The PD classes are excellent; Louise and Fiona are to be congratulated on providing such an important series of exercises in a positive setting. The introduction comments are very helpful, with reminders each week of the key principles”


  • “The Physio’s have such infectious enthusiasm; patients can’t help but be motivated”


                                     Last Updated Sept 2019


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