Embracing Technology!

It is good to know we’re never too old to learn new ways of doing things and to adapt our working practices. As the Covid19 virus began to take hold in the UK in March it became obvious that our ways of working would have to change drastically for the medium to potentially long term. I will admit to being quite sceptical about the practicalities and effectiveness of seeing our patients in a ‘virtual’ setting but now I am totally converted!

My colleagues will probably agree I am not the most adept at computer skills so it was a learning curve. I investigated several different platforms to enable video sessions but one of the first challenges was to find something the patient could access and was confident to use. To begin with it was very much one step forward and two steps back with both of us helping each other!

Once we were set up and ready to go things have gone from strength to strength. One of the difficulties can be getting a good view of everything on the screen so that can take some planning and moving about of the device. A clear advantage is the patient can have a personalised session in their own living room without having to leave home. It certainly throws up lots of opportunities of what we can offer for the future – video sessions at home for someone who maybe can’t travel in to the practice or who might prefer a home session but don’t want the cost that incurs or even being able to offer ongoing reviews or advice to keep supporting people in a way that suits them. Feedback from patients has been very positive saying that it ‘keeps them going’, it’ motivates them to keep doing their exercises between sessions’, they look forward to ‘having a regular session during the week’

All in all a very positive experience and a new skill learnt!

Helen Shearer

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