Training Caring Hands is an organisation providing specialist physiotherapist-led training for healthcare workers in a diverse range of areas.


Our aim is to deliver the highest standard of training courses for healthcare workers, enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to provide excellent patient care.


Whilst we have a core range of areas covered in each course, we  adapt and tailor each individual course to meet the training needs of your particular organisation.


The training we offer develops skillful handling through a high practical emphasis within the course, enabling  people being cared for to be as  active and independent as they would like to be whilst making the course members much more confident in the support they can provide.


Our training provides staff with the awareness and skills to ensure good positioning for  the people they care for, thus protecting body shape and avoiding choking, to name just two of numerous health  benefits.


The ethos of the training is to build and develop around what works in practice, rather than focusing on gaps and inadequacies. All the training is underpinned by strong  person centred care principles, fostering good relationships between the staff and the people they care for.


We can help organisations  comply with CQC regulations and guidelines, as well as the Skills for Health National Minimum Training Standards and Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers.



  • Respecting and involving people who use services

  • Consent to care and treatment

  • Care and welfare of people who use services

  • Requirements relating to workers

  • Supporting Workers

Training Caring Hands

Organisations who make use of our specialist training services will be able to demonstrate use of, and compliance with, Skills for Health and CQC guidelines in key areas such as:


Skills for Health:


  • Promoting and upholding the privacy, dignity, rights, health and wellbeing of people who use health and care services and their carers.

  • Working openly and cooperatively with people who use health and care services and their families or carers and treating them with respect.

  • Communicating in an open and effective way to promote health, safety and wellbeing of people who use health and care services and their carers.

  • Participating in continuing professional development to achieve the competence required for your role.

  • Person-centred care and support.

Topics in bespoke courses:


  • Postural management – sitting and lying

  • Person-centered care

  • Improving activity and functional independence

  • Assisting people to move including walking assistance

  • Moving and handling  (review not induction)

  • Falls prevention

  • Capacity and consent

  • Stroke, dementia, Parkinsons and other conditions,


Our training sessions are a dynamic and engaging experience, incorporating group tasks, practical activities and audio-visual material, in addition to short 15 minutes maximum sections of traditional teaching.


Benefits of care training


The skills and knowledge acquired during our courses will allow healthcare workers to improve the health and quality of life of the service users, promoting their dignity, wellbeing and choice.


Our care training also brings other major benefits.

An improvement in the health and independence of those with care needs:


  • Reduces the risk of hospital admissions

  • Reduces the level  of health care support required - cost savings and reduction in carer burden.


  • Improved staff retention through improved job satisfaction, and reduction in manual handling related health problems of staff.

  • Certificated course demonstrating to potential clients  a high commitment to therapeutic care and work force equipped to support enablement.


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